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Green Ride INU FAQ

While INU is made of waterproof materials and is designed to be driven in the rain and on wet roads, it is not intended to be parked outside. Rather, it is designed to be folded, and it is portable so that it can be carried inside workplaces, home, underground transportation etc.

We are expecting to start shipping September 2017.

The shipping is free.

INU is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

There are 3 different models with different battery longevity: roughly 12.5 miles, 18.5 miles, and 25 miles (while carrying a 175-pound rider). All models are computer-limited to 18 mph.

No, it is fully electric. Green Ride’s vision is to develop sustainable, personal transportation solutions.

All models are computer-limited to 18 mph.

When folded, INU is 27.73 inches long, 21.65 inches wide and 46.85 inches tall.

INU weighs about 55 pounds.

We are not currently offering any accessories for INU, but we plan to in the future.

No, we do not offer a payment plan at the moment, but we plan to offer one soon to the release date.

Yes. Any cancelation will be fully refunded. Please review terms of purchase  for more information.

During the initial stages, INU will be offered in only one color. More color choices and personalization options of INU will be available at the second stage coming soon.

The weight limit is 265 pounds.

INU takes only 3 hours to fully charge when the battery is depleted, and 1 hour when it is half full.

No driving license is required to drive INU. The vehicle is limited to 18 mph and therefore categorized as license-free.

INU comes with a 1 year warranty and an extension of 1 additional year can be purchased.

A  SIM card plan is free for the first year.

INU motor is a Geared Brushless hub-motor, 500W/750W with a maximum torque of 80 nm.

A replacement battery can be purchased online on our website.

For 2017, support and shipment will be handled in US (San Francisco), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Europe (Munich). During 2018, the shipping coverage will be extended. Other locations will be examined locally for support and shipment.