About Us

Green Ride

Since 2013, Green Ride™ has been focused on improving personal urban transportation. We believe that commuters deserve a new generation of vehicles to match their innovative lifestyle, need for convenience, and love for the environment. We have also endeavored to incorporate safety, beauty, and choice making our designs best in class. We invite you to watch our progress in this exciting market, and join us for an exciting ride.

Perfect engineering. Style. Ultimate portability.


We believe that, after 100 years of hegemony for cars, scooters, and motorcycles, now is the era of personal vehicles as the solution for daily transportation in the city. Green Ride™ was founded in order to create a new and revolutionary type of vehicle for personal urban transportation. Our goal is to raise the standard of urban mobility to benefit humanity and the environment.

Urban vehicle manufacturing companies are now at a crossroads and face significant industry-wide challenges. Manufacturers need to decide if they will stick with prototypes and concept bikes, or if they will recognize this new era with a line of high quality vehicles and accessories that will eventually produce a definitive market standard.

We believe that INU is part of a historic opportunity for companies and single investors to be partners in leading the next technological era in urban transportation.

next technological era of the urban transportation.


Driven by Work and Passion

During the past few years, Green Ride™ has assembled an outstanding team of engineers, designers, and marketing experts. We cooperate in a workshop space we like to call the Magicbox, in teams that are agile, efficient, and totally focused on providing top-of-the-line transportation solutions for daily urban life.

We are all driven by our dedication and passion. The pace is fast, the work is stimulating, and innovation is expected in every department of our company.