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From the bolt to the frame designed to give you a new thrill.

Watch the INU experience


In and out. Beautiful. The INU is classy on the roads, elegant on your home floor.

Watch the INU experience


Wherever you are, with INU you’re always downtown.
INU connects to your phone, and all the rest of the city.


Unfolding new ways. Thanks to its remote-controlled automatic folding system, INU is always by your side. And the remote can be your finger.

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Subsystem Overview

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Weight & Dimensions

Weight 25.0 Kg / 55 lb.
Height 1190 mm / 46.85 in.
Width 550 mm / 21.65 in.
Length 1476 mm / 58.11 in.

Dimensions Folded

Height 1200 mm / 47.24 in.
Footprint 300 x 400 mm / 11.81 x 15.75 in.

Max Load

Up to 120 Kg / 264 lb

Wheels & Tires

Tire Type: Pneumatic

Tire Size: 14.6” (70/80-10) Type Approved tires

Wheelbase: 1100 mm / 43.30 in.


Up to 25 kmh / 15.53 mph (can be limited to 6 kmh / 3.72 mph OR 20 kmh / 12.43 mph)

Acceleration: 0-25 [km/h] @ 4 [sec]

Maximum speed may be regulated by country/State policies to obtain street legality


Geared Brushless hub-motor, 500W / 750W

Energy Source

Battery Type: Panasonic Li-Ion in-wheel battery

Charging Time: 1.5 hr from 0% to 80% / 3 hrs from 0% to 100%

Capacity: 11.6 Ah @ 0.2C

Regeneration:   Up to 10% energy charging via motor regeneration


Smartphone App available for both IOS and android


40 Km / 25 Miles (when fully charged)

Smartphone charger is included

Vehicle charger included

Certification / Safety / Regulation

TUV type approved (EU) and CE certificated

Safety Standard: Verified against Military Safety Standard MIL-STD-882

Regulations Compliance: EU / US / ISR


Comply with IP 56 (IEC)


Aluminum alloy 6005-T5

Human Engineering


Designated vehicle controller, operating all vehicle systems


Front Brake System: Mechanical Disk Brake, Tri-Align Caliper Positioning

Rear Brake System:   Mechanical Disk Brake


Front Suspension: Single-sided telescopic suspension

Rear Suspension:   Swing-arm suspension


Front: Passing Lights & High Beam Lights

Rear: Rear & Brake Lights


Include “Find my INU” app-vehicle system

Limited Warranty

1 year

Folding System

Automatic folding system.

Folding / Unfolding: 7 sec