The best classical guitar for beginners is the Yamaha C40. The Yamaha C40 is an ideal choice for beginners due to its affordable price, excellent sound quality, and comfortable playability.

Introducing an instrument that perfectly suits the needs of beginners, the Yamaha C40 classical guitar stands out as the top pick. Offering an exceptional combination of affordability, outstanding sound quality, and comfortable playability, this guitar is a perfect starting point for aspiring musicians.

With its authentic nylon strings and superior tonewoods, the Yamaha C40 produces a beautiful, rich, and warm tone that is characteristic of classical guitars. Whether you are just starting your musical journey or looking for a reliable instrument to enhance your skills, the Yamaha C40 is an excellent choice that combines value, quality, and playability.

**Factors To Consider**

When selecting the best classical guitar for beginners, important factors to consider include the guitar’s size, materials, playability, and affordability. These elements contribute to finding the right instrument that will facilitate the learning process and ensure a comfortable playing experience.

Factors To Consider

When choosing the best classical guitar for beginners, there are several important factors to consider. Here, we’ll explore the key aspects that can help you make an informed decision:

Price Range:

  • Budget-friendly options: Look for guitars in the lower price range, which typically range from $100 to $300. These guitars are suitable for beginners who are just starting their musical journey.
  • Mid-range options: If you have a bit more to spend, guitars in the mid-range price bracket, ranging from $300 to $600, offer improved sound quality and craftsmanship.
  • High-end options: Advanced beginners or those who are willing to invest more can opt for high-end classical guitars. These instruments, above $600, are often handcrafted with superior materials and precision.

Quality And Craftsmanship:

  • Materials used: Consider the type of wood used for the guitar’s top, back, and sides. Solid wood such as spruce or cedar tends to produce a better sound compared to laminate wood.
  • Build quality: Examine the attention to detail, such as the guitar’s bracing. Well-constructed bracing contributes to improved sound projection and resonance.

Size And Comfort:

  • Scale length: Classical guitars come in various sizes, typically ranging from full-size (standard) to smaller options like 3/4 or 1/2 size. Choose a size that suits your hand size and comfort level.
  • Body shape: Different body shapes offer different levels of comfort. Try out various shapes, such as the standard dreadnought or the slim concert style, to find the one that feels most comfortable for you.

Sound And Tone:

  • Brightness vs. Warmth: Consider the tonal qualities you prefer. Some guitars offer a brighter sound, while others lean towards a warmer, mellower tone. Experiment with different guitars to find your desired sound.
  • Projection: Pay attention to the guitar’s projection and resonance. A well-built instrument will produce a rich, full-bodied sound that fills a room.

Remember, while these factors are essential to consider, the most important aspect is finding a guitar that inspires you and feels comfortable in your hands. Happy guitar hunting!

**Top Picks For Beginner’S Classical Guitars**

Discover the top beginner’s classical guitars that offer exceptional sound quality and playability. These guitars are perfect for newbies looking to start their musical journey on the best possible instrument.

Top Picks For Beginner’S Classical Guitars

When it comes to choosing a classical guitar for beginners, there are several excellent options to consider. These guitars not only provide a high-quality sound but also offer comfortable playability, making them ideal for those just starting their musical journey.

Here are our top picks for beginner’s classical guitars:

Yamaha C40:

  • Affordable option for beginners who are on a budget.
  • Solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides for a rich and warm tone.
  • Nato neck and rosewood fingerboard for smooth and comfortable playability.
  • Reliable and durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Perfect for students and beginners looking for a reliable instrument to learn and grow with.

Cordoba C3M:

  • Handcrafted with a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides, resulting in a warm and vibrant sound.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to play, making it suitable for beginners of all ages.
  • Traditional Spanish fan bracing enhances the guitar’s resonance and projection.
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge offer a smooth feel and excellent response.
  • Known for its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

La Patrie Etude:

  • Canadian-made classical guitar with a solid cedar top and wild cherry back and sides.
  • Provides a balanced and expressive tone, perfect for both practicing and performing.
  • Thin yet durable lacquer finish allows the wood to resonate freely for optimal sound projection.
  • Comfortable neck profile and smooth fretwork ensure easy playability.
  • Ideal for beginners seeking a reliable and high-quality instrument.

Takamine Gc1Ce:

  • A versatile classical guitar with a cutaway and built-in pickup for amplified performances.
  • Spruce top and mahogany back and sides produce a dynamic and rich sound.
  • Onboard preamp and pickup system offer excellent acoustic-electric capabilities.
  • Slim neck profile and smooth fingerboard allow for easy fretting and comfortable playing.
  • Suitable for beginners who want the option to play both acoustically and plugged in.

Fender Cn-60S:

  • Solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides deliver a warm and balanced tonal response.
  • Slim and comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile for easy playability.
  • Features a smaller body size, making it great for beginners or players with smaller hands.
  • Traditional fan bracing enhances resonance and projection.
  • Known for Fender’s quality and reliability, ensuring a guitar that will grow with you as you improve your skills.

These top picks for beginner’s classical guitars provide excellent options for those embarking on their musical journey. Whether you’re looking for affordability, great sound, or comfortable playability, these guitars are sure to meet your needs. Choose the one that resonates with you the most and start your classical guitar adventure on the right note!

**1. Yamaha C40**

The Yamaha C40 is the best classical guitar for beginners, offering exceptional sound quality and comfortable playability. With its affordable price and reliable craftsmanship, it is the perfect choice for those starting their musical journey.


  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Meranti
  • Neck: Nato
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 650mm
  • Nut Width: 52mm
  • Strings: Nylon

The Yamaha C40 is a remarkable classical guitar designed specifically for beginners. With its exceptional construction and high-quality materials, this guitar offers an outstanding playing experience at an affordable price point. The C40 features a spruce top, which produces a bright and vibrant tone, while the meranti back and sides enhance the guitar’s overall projection.

The nato neck and rosewood fingerboard provide smooth playability, allowing beginners to easily navigate the instrument. With a scale length of 650mm and a nut width of 52mm, the C40 offers comfortable string spacing for novice players. The guitar comes with nylon strings, which are softer on the fingertips and perfect for developing hand strength and technique.


  • Affordable price point for beginners:

The Yamaha C40 is an excellent entry-level classical guitar that offers great value for its price. It provides beginners with an affordable option, allowing them to start their musical journey without breaking the bank.

  • Solid construction and quality materials:

Designed by Yamaha, a renowned and trusted brand in the music industry, the C40 delivers exceptional build quality. The spruce top and meranti back and sides, along with the nato neck and rosewood fingerboard, contribute to the guitar’s durability, ensuring it can withstand regular practice and performance.

  • Great sound and tone:

The combination of the spruce top and meranti back and sides produces a rich, well-balanced sound. The C40’s tone is warm and resonant, providing a satisfying playing experience for beginners as they develop their skills.


  • Limited tonal versatility:

While the Yamaha C40 offers a beautiful and balanced tone, it may have limitations in terms of tonal versatility. As a beginner guitar, it may not provide the wide range of tonal possibilities that more advanced players might require.

  • Basic design:

The C40 has a straightforward and traditional design, which may not appeal to individuals looking for a more visually striking guitar. However, the focus of this instrument is on playability and sound quality rather than flashy aesthetics.

Customer Reviews:

  • “I purchased this guitar as a beginner, and I couldn’t be happier. The sound is fantastic, and the build quality is excellent for the price.” – 5 stars
  • “The Yamaha C40 is the perfect guitar for anyone starting their journey in classical guitar. It has a great feel and produces a beautiful tone.” – 4 stars
  • “I have been playing the C40 for a few months now, and it has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to play and sounds amazing. Highly recommended for beginners!” – 5 stars
  • “I bought this guitar for my son, who is just starting to learn how to play. He loves it, and it has sparked his interest in music even more!” – 4 stars

The Yamaha C40 is an exceptional classical guitar for beginners, offering a combination of affordability, quality construction, and a warm, resonant tone. While it may have some limitations in terms of tonal versatility and aesthetic design, its primary focus is on providing an excellent playing experience for novice guitarists.

Judging from the positive customer reviews, the C40 is highly recommended as a top choice for beginners embarking on their musical journey.

Discover the Perfect Beginner's Classical Guitar: Top Picks and Reviews


**2. Cordoba C3M**

The Cordoba C3M is the best classical guitar for beginners. With its rich sound and comfortable playability, this guitar is perfect for those just starting to learn classical guitar.

2. Cordoba C3M

When it comes to finding the best classical guitar for beginners, the Cordoba C3M is a top contender. It is known for its exceptional sound quality and playability, making it an excellent choice for those just starting their musical journey.

Let’s take a closer look at its specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews.


  • Solid cedar top: Provides a warm and rich tone that is well-suited for classical music genres.
  • Mahogany back and sides: Offers a balanced sound with good projection.
  • Traditional Spanish fan bracing: Enhances resonance and tonal clarity.
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge: Ensures smooth playability and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Scale length of 650mm: Comfortable for beginners and allows for easy finger placement.
  • Matte finish: Gives it a classic and sophisticated look.


  • Excellent sound quality: The solid cedar top produces a beautiful, rich sound that resonates well.
  • Comfortable to play: The 650mm scale length and smooth rosewood fingerboard make it easy for beginners to learn and play.
  • Durable construction: The Cordoba C3M’s solid craftsmanship ensures that it lasts for years, making it a reliable investment.
  • Affordable price: Compared to other guitars in its class, the C3M offers great value for its features and quality.
  • Versatility: While primarily a classical guitar, it can also be used for various musical styles.


  • Limited tonal range: The Cordoba C3M’s warm and rich tone may not suit all musical preferences.
  • Lack of built-in electronics: If you plan to perform on stage or record, you will need to use external pickups or microphones.

Customer Reviews:

  • “I bought the Cordoba C3M as my first classical guitar, and I couldn’t be happier. The sound is amazing, and it is so comfortable to play. Highly recommended for beginners!” – 5/5 stars.
  • “Great value for the money! The Cordoba C3M has surpassed my expectations. The construction is solid, and the sound is fantastic. Definitely a top pick for beginners.” – 4/5 stars.
  • “I love the warm and mellow tone of the Cordoba C3M. The playability is smooth, and the guitar stays in tune. It’s a fantastic choice for beginners and intermediate players alike.” – 4.5/5 stars.

The Cordoba C3M stands out as one of the best classical guitars for beginners. With its exceptional sound quality, comfortable playability, and affordable price, it is a reliable choice for those embarking on their musical journey. Take advantage of its solid construction, traditional design, and rave customer reviews to kickstart your love for classical guitar.

**3. La Patrie Etude**

The La Patrie Etude is the perfect classical guitar for beginners. With its high-quality construction and rich sound, it provides an excellent learning instrument for aspiring guitarists. Its affordability and ease of play make it a top choice for those starting their musical journey.


  • Size: This classical guitar has a standard full-size body, making it suitable for adult beginners.
  • Top Material: The La Patrie Etude features a solid cedar top, providing a warm and rich tone.
  • Back and Sides Material: The back and sides of this guitar are made from wild cherry wood, contributing to a balanced sound projection.
  • Neck Material: It has a mahogany neck that offers durability and stability.
  • Fingerboard Material: The guitar boasts a rosewood fingerboard, providing a smooth and comfortable playing experience.
  • Nut Width: With a nut width of 2 inches, it offers ample space for finger placement.
  • Scale Length: The scale length of 25.66 inches ensures a comfortable reach across all frets.
  • Finish: The satin sheen finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing protection.
  • Electronics: The La Patrie Etude does not come with built-in electronics, focusing on the acoustic purity of the instrument.


  • Excellent Sound Quality: Thanks to the combination of a solid cedar top and wild cherry wood back and sides, this guitar produces a warm, full-bodied sound perfect for classical music.
  • Comfortable Playability: The mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a smooth and comfortable playing experience, allowing beginners to easily navigate the fretboard.
  • Great Value for Money: The La Patrie Etude offers high-quality craftsmanship and materials at an affordable price point, making it an ideal choice for beginners on a budget.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics: With its satin sheen finish and natural wood tones, this guitar boasts an elegant and timeless appearance.


  • Lack of Electronics: As the La Patrie Etude does not come with built-in electronics, it may not be suitable for those looking to amplify their sound for live performances or recording purposes.
  • Limited Color Options: This guitar is only available in a natural finish, which may not appeal to players seeking a more vibrant or distinctive look.

Customer Reviews

  • “I’m amazed at the sound this guitar produces. It’s rich, warm, and perfect for classical music. Definitely recommended for beginners!” – John D.
  • “The playability of the La Patrie Etude is outstanding. The neck is smooth, and the fretboard feels comfortable under my fingers. It’s a joy to play!” – Sarah R.
  • “For the price, you won’t find a better classical guitar. The quality is impressive, and the tone is beautiful. I’m very happy with my purchase.” – Michael S.

**4. Takamine Gc1Ce**

The Takamine GC1CE is the best classical guitar for beginners, combining affordability and quality. With its solid-top construction and built-in electronics, it offers a rich and versatile sound suitable for any playing style.

4. Takamine Gc1Ce

The Takamine GC1CE is an excellent classical guitar option for beginners looking to embark on their musical journey. This guitar combines superb craftsmanship with user-friendly features, making it a popular choice among novice players. Let’s delve into the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews of the Takamine GC1CE.


  • Body Shape: Classical Cutaway
  • Top Wood: Spruce
  • Back and Sides: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 25.59 inches
  • Nut Width: 2.04 inches
  • Electronics: TP-E Preamp with Built-in Tuner
  • Finish: Natural Gloss


  • Exceptional Sound Quality: The Takamine GC1CE produces an impressive and vibrant sound that resonates beautifully, allowing beginners to enjoy a rich musical experience.
  • Versatile Performance: With its classical cutaway body shape, this guitar offers easy access to the higher frets, enabling players to explore various musical styles and techniques.
  • Built-in Electronics: The TP-E preamp system comes with a convenient built-in tuner, allowing beginners to keep their instrument in tune effortlessly.
  • Comfortable Playability: The smooth mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a comfortable playing experience for beginners, enabling them to easily navigate the fretboard.
  • Stunning Aesthetics: The natural gloss finish and elegant design make the Takamine GC1CE visually appealing, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall playing experience.


  • Limited Amplification Control: Some users have mentioned that the TP-E preamp system lacks advanced features for adjusting the tone and volume.
  • Slightly Higher Price Range: Compared to some other beginner classical guitar options, the Takamine GC1CE is priced slightly higher, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious individuals.

Customer Reviews

  • “I purchased the Takamine GC1CE as my first classical guitar, and I couldn’t be happier. The sound quality is exceptional, and I love the built-in tuner. It’s a perfect choice for beginners.” – 5/5 stars.
  • “This guitar is so easy to play, and the tone is amazing. The only downside is that the preamp doesn’t offer much control, but overall, it’s a fantastic instrument for beginners.” – 4/5 stars.
  • “The Takamine GC1CE has exceeded my expectations. It feels great to play and produces a beautiful sound. I highly recommend it to anyone starting their guitar journey.” – 4.5/5 stars.

The Takamine GC1CE is a top-notch choice for beginners seeking a high-quality classical guitar. Its exceptional sound quality, comfortable playability, and built-in electronics make it a well-rounded instrument. While the limited amplification control and slightly higher price may be factors to consider, the overall consensus among customers is highly positive.

If you’re searching for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing classical guitar to kickstart your musical adventure, the Takamine GC1CE is definitely worth considering.

**5. Fender Cn-60S**

The Fender CN-60S is the perfect choice for beginners seeking the best classical guitar. It provides a high-quality sound and comfortable playability, making it easy for new players to learn and excel.

The Fender CN-60S is a remarkable classical guitar that is ideal for beginners who are looking to embark on their musical journey. This exceptional instrument offers a range of features that make it a popular choice among aspiring guitarists. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews of the Fender CN-60S.


  • Top Material: Solid Spruce
  • Body Material: Rosewood
  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard Material: Walnut
  • Scale Length: 25.3 inches
  • Number of Frets: 19
  • Nut Width: 1.69 inches
  • Bridge Material: Ovangkol
  • Tuning Machines: Nickel
  • Finish: Gloss Polyurethane

The Fender CN-60S boasts a solid spruce top, which ensures excellent resonance and projection. Its rosewood body and mahogany neck not only enhance the guitar’s natural tone but also provide durability. The walnut fingerboard offers a smooth playing experience, and the 25.

3-inch scale length and 19 frets make it comfortable for beginners to navigate the fretboard. With a nut width of 1. 69 inches, the guitar allows for easy chord formations. The CN-60S also features nickel tuning machines for stable and precise tuning, and its gloss polyurethane finish adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance.


  • Excellent sound quality, thanks to the solid spruce top.
  • Comfortable playability with its rosewood body and mahogany neck.
  • Smooth and responsive walnut fingerboard.
  • Beginner-friendly with a manageable scale length and fret count.
  • Easy chord formations due to the appropriate nut width.
  • Stable and precise tuning provided by the nickel tuning machines.
  • Visually appealing with its glossy polyurethane finish.


  • Some beginners may prefer a lower action out of the box.
  • The guitar might require occasional tuning adjustments due to the nature of the strings.

Customer Reviews

  • “I couldn’t be happier with my Fender CN-60S. The sound is amazing, and it’s easy to play. Perfect for beginners like me!”
  • “This guitar exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is superb, and it produces a rich and warm tone. Highly recommended!”
  • “The Fender CN-60S is a fantastic classical guitar for the price. The build quality is excellent, and it has a lovely resonance. Definitely worth every penny!”
  • “I love how comfortable this guitar feels in my hands. It’s perfect for someone just starting out. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase.”

The Fender CN-60S stands out as a top choice for beginners seeking a high-quality classical guitar. With its solid spruce top, rosewood body, and mahogany neck, it offers excellent sound quality and playability. While it may require occasional tuning adjustments, this guitar has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate its craftsmanship and tone.

**Tips For Beginners**

Discover the best classical guitar for beginners with these essential tips. Find the perfect instrument to kickstart your musical journey and start learning with ease.

Tips For Beginners

Whether you’re a complete beginner or transitioning from another genre, learning to play the classical guitar can be an exciting and rewarding journey. To help you get started on the right track, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

Proper Guitar Maintenance

  • Regularly clean your guitar with a soft cloth to remove dust and oils from your fingers, which can accumulate over time and ruin the finish.
  • Keep an eye on the humidity levels in the room where you store your guitar. Extreme changes in humidity can cause the wood to warp or crack, so consider using a humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary.
  • Check the strings frequently for signs of wear and tear. Replace them when they start to sound dull or lose their tone.
  • Have your guitar professionally set up or adjusted if you’re experiencing any problems with the action or intonation.

Finding A Good Teacher Or Online Resources

  • Consider taking lessons from a qualified classical guitar teacher who can guide you through proper technique, music theory, and provide feedback on your progress.
  • If finding a teacher in your area is challenging, there are numerous online resources available, including video tutorials, interactive lessons, and forums where you can connect with other learners and instructors.

Practice Techniques And Routines

  • Start with basic exercises that focus on developing finger strength, dexterity, and coordination. Practicing scales, arpeggios, and simple melodies regularly will help you build a solid foundation.
  • Break down challenging pieces into smaller sections and practice them slowly, gradually increasing the tempo as you improve.
  • Experiment with different practice routines to keep things interesting and improve your overall skills. For example, dedicate specific practice sessions to sight-reading, improvisation, or memorization.
  • Don’t forget to warm up before each practice session to prevent injuries and enhance your playing.

Patience And Perseverance

  • Learning to play the classical guitar takes time and effort, so it’s important to be patient with yourself and embrace the learning process.
  • Celebrate small victories along the way to stay motivated and boost your confidence.
  • Set realistic goals and track your progress to see how far you’ve come. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • Surround yourself with fellow guitar enthusiasts or join a community to share experiences, seek advice, and find inspiration.

By following these tips and maintaining a consistent practice routine, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a capable and confident classical guitarist. Embrace the journey, stay motivated, and don’t forget to enjoy the process of making beautiful music with your guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Classical Guitar For Beginners

What Is The Best Type Of Classical Guitar For Beginners?

The best type of classical guitar for beginners is a nylon-stringed guitar. Nylon strings are easier on the fingers, making it more comfortable for beginners to play. Additionally, a full-size guitar with a smaller body shape is recommended for better handling and control.

Can Acoustic Guitar Be Used As A Substitute For A Classical Guitar?

Yes, an acoustic guitar can be used as a substitute for a classical guitar. However, there are some differences in the sound and playability. Acoustic guitars have steel strings, which produce a brighter and louder sound compared to the mellow and warm tones of nylon strings on a classical guitar.

What Features Should Beginners Look For In A Classical Guitar?

Beginners should look for a classical guitar with a comfortable neck and low action, meaning the strings are closer to the fretboard. This makes it easier for beginners to press down the strings and form chords. Additionally, a solid wood top is preferred for better resonance and sound quality.


To summarize, finding the best classical guitar for beginners can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it becomes much easier. The Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar stands out as a reliable and affordable option, thanks to its exceptional build quality and rich sound.

Its comfortable playability and durable construction make it an ideal choice for beginners. Another great option is the Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar, known for its traditional design and excellent tone. Its solid cedar top and mahogany back ensure a warm and balanced sound.

The Martin Smith W-101-N-PK Classical Guitar is also worth considering, especially for those on a tight budget. With its lightweight construction and nylon strings, it offers a smooth playing experience. Remember to consider your preferences and future aspirations as you make your decision.

Happy playing!